Kimera & the King Crabs on the studio


We are a band that integrates musical rhythms with “sound waves to improve emotional states” utilizing in-depth scientific studies, such as binaural audio techniques and millennial therapies. The instruments vary from exotic Tibetan bowls, gongs, and vocal choirs to more traditional percussion, guitar and trumpet.

The songs are plural and uplifting, to be listened to on a day-to-day basis. Each of them will also have its interpretation in sound healing journey - the band's signature: healing music format, sonically adapted for meditative purposes.

"Salute"is our invite to get inside our universe.

Big thanks to Ana Luiza, Daniel Tatit, Nataniel de Oliveira, Raphael Henrique, EXPANDE Media, Pardal and Daniel Zee who made the album came true with us. And all of you that are into this journey too.

With love,

Diego Filomeno
Kim Jackson
Leo Salles
Paulo Zampieri